Box Art Show’s Encore

Wednesday evening was the opening reception for the Box Art Show’s Encore exhibition, curated by the wonderful Amy Roger. Most of the artists were in attendance to meet and mingle with the guests, of whom there were more than I was expecting. There didn’t seem to be a down time at all for the two hours so it was very nice to see so many people out for the show. This evening was the only official open house where the artists are present, but the work will be on display at WalterFedy’s office in Kitchener until the end of August.

My entry for the show is part of a new series I’m doing of reflections. Instead of a typical print in a black frame I tried displaying it this time on aluminium. I did a little preview of it here, but now you can see it fully. I was very happy with the result and even happier with the reaction of the people in attendance, not to mention my fellow artists. I wanted to try a different subject matter than what I normally do and so far I think it has worked.

You’re welcome to visit the WalterFedy office (675 Queen St S in Kitchener) during regular business hours to see the work, so if you have some free time during the week, I highly recommend you check it out!

School Portraits & Really Cool Buildings

Today I did a quick graduation group shot for some students at The Univeristy of Waterloo’s Stratford campus. It was a quick job, but a fun one to do. I was impressed by the building, which is sort of the point of this post. I like when the designers of buildings don’t stick to boring monolithic structures, especially for things like schools.

I was able to take advantage of the natural light that poured into the building thanks to the three-storey window at the entrance. I didn’t have a lot of time to shoot the building itself (I had a frisbee game to get to back in town, and it was starting to rain), but I was glad I was able to get a few frames in.

At the Mississauga Marathon

Today I went with my sister to watch the Mississauga Marathon where my brother-in-law Rob was running. I’ve done my share of races (6 halves, a 30km, and a full marathon) but have sort of eased up in recent years, mostly to save my knees so I can walk normally when I’m 50. Being at an actual race, however, still makes me want to get out there and run.

I brought my camera with me to get Rob as he finished the race. It’s fun to watch people running their tails off at the end; you can really get a feel for what their body is going through as they inch closer and closer. The red-numbered timer was always something that made me push harder at the end, especially if I was doing better than expected. That, and wanting to pass as many people as I could in the final stretch. At that point, you forget about the pain and just go.

Another bonus of getting to the finish line faster: the free chocolate milk.

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