Voices Carry

Voices Carry was a fundraiser in support of sexual abuse survivors. It was put on to coincide on the same night as Bill Cosby’s performance at the Centre in the Square here in Kitchener. My friends Melanie Baker and Mike Farwell were the driving force behind it all. Incredibly, the whole production was put together in a mere six weeks. Tickets were $20, and if you had tickets to Cosby’s performance, you could use them for admission, too. It was freaking cold out (something like -30) but that clearly didn’t stop people from coming out.

There was over three hours of entertainment, including music from .:tala:., Loretta Fullerton, Lynn Jackson, Sue Windover, Sandy MacDonald, Al Parrish, and Johanna Pavia and Soul Drive. Others, including former Waterloo mayor Brenda Halloran, Sara Casselman of the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region, and Meaghan Coneybeare, who recently initiated a fundraiser against human trafficking, all spoke of their efforts and experiences in the fight against sexual assault.

The doors opened at six and there wasn’t really a dull moment all night. We were shoulder-to-shoulder in most spots, so it’s safe to say that attendance didn’t suffer one bit. All the food—and it was good food—was crazily donated and from what I understand there was more than a little left over at the end. It makes me wish I stayed a tiny bit longer to grab some extra chicken wings.

In the end, over $10,000 was raised (!!) which was more than double what they thought they might bring in. Successful show? I think so.

Snow, thaw, cold

It finally snowed yesterday. Then it started to melt, then it got really cold all within a matter of hours so everything froze and got icy.

Winter is the best.

The Fog

We’ve had some rather foggy night recently. Weather fascinates me so getting strange nights where everything kind of glows is fun.

Years ago I remember taking a photo in my parent’s backyard on a foggy night. I just pointed the camera into the nearly-black yard just to see what would happen and was kind of shocked to see the result when I got it back from the lab; everything just appeared and had an ethereal glow. It was one of the first times I had ever shot anything at night so long exposures was new to me. Long story short, this is how I was introduced to shooting long-ish exposures at night.

On Monday night this week I decided to head out for an hour or so just to try a few night shots while the fog was around. I mostly went around downtown, including Victoria Park, City Hall, and the KPL.

At first glance I was kind of underwhelmed with my shots and felt like the time I spent was a waste, but the more I looked at them, the more I liked them. Mostly it was refreshing to just get up and head out to shoot for a change, something I haven’t done in a while. Oh, and while shooting at the library, I found out they have these alternating coloured light panels on the sides of the building. Pretty rad.

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