John & Caroline

In Waterloo there is a Gothic Revival house that sits, seemingly abandoned, at the corner of John St. W. and Caroline St. S. 

Since I first took a photograph of it back in late 2014 I've been a bit fascinated by it. I've returned a few times over years—not quite every year—but enough to see it stay relatively the same, with the only really noticeable change is the piece of plywood installed over one of the front windows. I did a brief online search about the house and found that it is known as the Reid House and has only been owned by two families since it was built in 1875.

My assumption is that nobody lives there but that it's still owned by the Reid family and they're holding out on some land developer like Carl in Up. Regardless, I love how this place is kind of stuck in time with almost everything else around it changing in some way. I hope I can keep this series up for a few more years.

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