A&W Rebrand

I wanted to take a popular fast food franchise—in this case A&W—and rebrand it as a fun personal project. I wanted to do something with a bit of a retro flavour and still keep some pretty simple shapes and colours involved. For the most part I kept the colour palette very similar, although I made the brown a bit richer to stand out against the orange a bit more. I also added a few blue-grey neutral tones as they're always handy to have on hand, especially for things like big blocks of text.

In the end I contained everything within a circle, mimicking the shape of a bottle cap, a pop can, and even a burger. The simple shapes of the logo elements make it very adaptable to use on different backgrounds as well as applied to various other applications. 

My original sticky-note sketch isn't too far off from the final polished logo which I found kind of fun. It took a few rounds of revisions to get things the way I liked, but I love the final piece and how it all came together.

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