Photography and Painting United!

So the other morning the city got a dose hoar frost and naturally every single person on Earth took photos of it before the sun burned it off mid-morning. I only got a few shots off before work, one of which was in front of our house, looking into Victoria Park. I tweeted the photo and Kyra Kendall, a local artist, saw it and quickly did a painting of it. Seriously! And it’s really quite stunning (her painting is second in the included gallery).

CBC saw it and even did a quick write up of the two pieces of art. This, coupled with my shot shown on the BBC, made me feel like a celebrity this week. Thanks to Andrea Bellemare at CBC KW for the publicity!

And oddly enough, I posted this 7-year-old photo of hoar frost on Instagram the same morning before even knowing it was literally right outside my door.

Fire & Ice Gala

Every January Leadership Waterloo Region holds the Fire & Ice Gala. Included in the evening is a dinner, live entertainment as well as live and silent auctions. A few local artists, including myself, have some of their work included in the silent auction. I’ve been a part of this event for the last few years so I’m pretty happy to be back again.

The photos that will be available during the silent auction are of the façade of the Seagram building in Waterloo and one I took during last winter’s ice storm along the Iron Horse Trail in Victoria Park.

Metallic Berlin

I’ve started preparing for a show I’m doing at the KPL in October. I did a brief write-up of it back in October and wanted to do a quick update on where I am.

I’ve ordered most of the prints. I took a while to decide on what the photos were going to be and how they were going to be presented. Originally I wanted to do them all on metal, but that proved a bit too expensive, mostly because there will be 18 photos total in the show. Instead of printing them on metal, I decided to have them printed on metallic paper. It’s something I’ve never done and I mostly just wanted to try something different.

There are three sizes; 12x16, 16x16, and 16x24. I spent a while figuring out how they would go together and settled on a look that will have every single frame, including the mat, line up top to bottom. In my initial plans I wanted to do one or two images at about 3x4 feet but this would throw a wrench in my plan to have all the frames line up. I’m also going to be doing the framing myself (at least I’m pretty sure I will) and I’ve never done something that large and, frankly, it kind of worries me that I’d botch it.

The included image is the 12x16 prints.

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