Photography and Painting United!

So the other morning the city got a dose hoar frost and naturally every single person on Earth took photos of it before the sun burned it off mid-morning. I only got a few shots off before work, one of which was in front of our house, looking into Victoria Park. I tweeted the photo and Kyra Kendall, a local artist, saw it and quickly did a painting of it. Seriously! And it’s really quite stunning (her painting is second in the included gallery).

CBC saw it and even did a quick write up of the two pieces of art. This, coupled with my shot shown on the BBC, made me feel like a celebrity this week. Thanks to Andrea Bellemare at CBC KW for the publicity!

And oddly enough, I posted this 7-year-old photo of hoar frost on Instagram the same morning before even knowing it was literally right outside my door.

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