Memories of Utopia

This weekend has a couple of things happening on my end, both of which involve Doors Open Waterloo Region. The first is the Doors Open event itself which is far and away my favourite local event. The second is an exhibit involving myself and a few other local artists. 

This exhibit, called Memories of Utopia, will be held at NEO Architecture in downtown Kitchener which also happens to be one of this year’s sites. Along with eight of my own photographs of some local buildings, the show will also include work by Brian Douglas, Melissa Doherty, Heather Kocsis, and Michelle Purchase. It’s a pretty eclectic group of artists so there’s plenty of work to check out. The physical space at NEO looks pretty tight from the outside but there’s a surprising amount of space on the inside. You can read about Heather’s work here.

Laird Robertson, NEO’s President and Creative Director, curated the work and I know he’s pretty excited about it. During the hanging he seemed almost giddy that they finally had some work on their office walls. Each artist has their own space to the office with Melissa, Heather, and Michelle on the main floor, and Brian and myself splitting the space upstairs. Be sure to check out Brian’s massive piece as you go up the stairs. It’s hard to miss!

The show runs from the start of Doors Open this coming Saturday, September 15, and runs every Saturday from 11:00am–3:00pm until October 20. 

And I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t do one final plug for the Doors Open Instagram feed that myself, Brian, and Nick Stanley will be curating the day of. Give us a follow!


I have some news I can finally share. A couple of months ago I was asked if I was interested in having some of my work for sale in Waterloo’s Gifted. I can’t recall but I was probably more enthusiastic than I needed to be when I said yes.

Gifted has been one of our favourite local shops for a long time. It has an eclectic collection of gifts, home decor, and paper goods, a lot of which are from local vendors; I can now say that I’m one of those vendors. Right now there’s a small collection of 8x10 prints, all local locations that I’m hoping most people from around here would recognize.

For this run of prints I included a small postcard with my contact info—kind of like a fancy business card—as well as a note about where the shot was taken. I just recently re-designed my personal logo so the timing of having those included with the prints is a nice little bonus for me.

If you haven’t been to Gifted before, you owe it to yourself to visit. I rarely go in and leave empty handed. Now that I’ve got some work on sale there there’s even more reason to go. You could even get a head start on your Christmas shopping (if you’ve been to Costco lately you’ve probably noticed that it’s the holiday season according to them).

Doors Open 2018 Previews!

Doors Open Waterloo Region is baaack!

Easily my favourite local event, I’ll once again be documenting a number of sites that will be open for visiting (for free!) on September 15th. Between  Brian, Nick, and myself, we’ll be curating the Doors Open Instagram feed that day by posting photos of the sites we visit. Leading up to the event, I’ll be shooting some of the sites as previews to give everyone a visual of what they can expect to see and posting them to Instagram. Yesterday I shot the interior of the new Deloitte office in downtown Kitchener (spoiler alert: it’s spectacular) which is pictured here.

So if you’re an Instagrammer, give Doors Open a follow and clear your calendar on
September 15. You might bump into me at one of the sites. I’ll be the guy with tripod.

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