Black frames? Pfft. White frames are where it’s at.

I’ll be the official photographer at this year’s Arts Awards Waterloo Region once again and, just like last year, there will be a silent auction for a number of items, including some work by yours truly. This will be similar to the SVP auction I was a part of last fall where we set a reserve price for the work; if the reserve price is met, we get paid, while anything over the reserve price goes to the Arts Awards.

Anyhow, if you’ve been to any of my shows in the last three years or so, you may have noticed a theme: thick, black frames. Well, no more! I’m taking one of my typical frames and painting it white. The photo that will be going into the frame is full of bright orange and green so I think it will have a nice clean look with a white matte and white frame. The included photos are obviously still an in-progress thing, but I will be doing another entry on the Arts Awards themselves which should include an image of the finished product, so stay tuned for that.

It’s an experiment of sorts to see if displaying my work this way looks good and if it’s worth trying again. If it sells, I may have an answer.

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