Upstairs at Budds

On Saturday afternoon I had a few errands to run, including stopping off at City Hall to see my friend Lauren’s show at the rotunda. After leaving I walked a few blocks to take some pictures. I was outside of Budds on King Street where a woman noticed me with my camera. She introduced herself to me as the owner’s husband and asked if I wanted to see some of the upper floor. Obviously, I said yes. I don’t want to go into too much detail (the attached photos are actually from a few years ago) as they were nice enough to let me see what the upper floor looks like beyond what the customer can see, but it was very interesting to hear about the history of not only this building, but a few others on the block.

It was completely unexpected for my quick stop to take a photo (that I didn’t even like in the end) to turn into a personalized tour. It was nice to make a connection with a family of people that have been downtown for years and were so obviously passionate about their city.

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