SVP’s Evening of Art Sale

I found out today that one of the three photos at Friday’s event sold. While it’s disappointing that the others didn’t, I was still able to support a very worthy cause. And now I can hang the remaining two in our house. It’s win-win!

Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region is again putting on an art show at Kitchener’s Centre in the Square on May 2. Local artists were encouraged to submit up to ten pieces of their work which would then be whittled down by their jury. I’m happy to report that three of my photographs will be in the show. The only downside is that because of space constraints, the artists aren’t able to attend.

A (sort of) funny story happened to me earlier in the day before I dropped my work off. I wanted to do a blog post about it to let people know about the event so I thought I’d take a photo of my photos to include with said post. I stacked up the frames similar to what you see in the included photo. About ten seconds after I took the shot, two of the photos slid off my drafting table and onto the floor; one broke completely in half, the other became noticeably loose at the corners. The frames were ruined, but luckily the photos weren’t damaged. Long story short, I was able to replace the frames so I could still get them in on time. It was a minor setback to remind me that, yes, drafting tables are super handy, but tilted surfaces and semi-glossy frames don’t really get along.

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