Some Very, Very Big Prints

Back in March a local Libro branch contacted me about possibly getting some of my images blown up for one of their meeting rooms in Waterloo. I sent them some sample images for them to choose from—maybe about 15—of which they promptly picked three.

The three they chose—a red sunset with some silhouetted trees, the Kissing Bridge in West Montrose, and a misty sunrise—were all older shots that were originally taken on film. The shots were getting blown up quite large (I’m dying to say embiggened) so I had to get the originals re-scanned because the ones I had scanned long ago were pretty small. Pro tip: always keep your negatives.

I sent the three shots—two were on slide film, the third on negative film—to my friends at Old School Lab to scan them as large as they could. Again, they did not disappoint and I had my new, enormous digital files ready within about a week.

The images are now permanently on display in Libro’s Northfield Drive Waterloo branch.

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