Reset: Satellite

I’m currently participating in a group show at Kitchener’s Walter Fedy office called Reset: Green. My friend Amy Roger is the curator for this show along with the art that hangs on the walls at Cafe Pyrus on Charles Street. To get us more exposure, Amy asked those of us in the show at Walter Fedy if we wanted to have more work on display at the cafe. There wasn’t any particular theme to this collection, just something from our portfolios that we wanted others to see.

Similar to the Cityscapes show that I entered, I had a few pieces at home that were framed and ready to hang so I sent them to Amy to see if she was okay with them. In typical Amy fashion, she was very enthusiastic with what I submitted and accepted all four pieces.

I have one larger image I shot years ago downtown during a snowstorm of a pedestrian crossing Gaukel Street. It’s always been a personal favourite, but I’m happy to loan it to the cafe for the time being. The other three are from a series I shot at the Breithaupt Block a few years ago. I converted a number of them to black and white and had them printed for the Resurrection show earlier this year. Sometimes having ready-to-hang artwork at home can get in the way, but other times it can prove very useful.

With all the construction going on around town right now and Charles Street being almost non-existent, Cafe Pyrus can be tricky to get to but would absolutely love your patronage. They’re at 16 Charles St W with parking available in the surrounding lots. It’s easy to get there; you just have to try a bit harder!

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