Mini Martz

A day after my wife and I returned from Paris last March we found out we were expecting our first child. It wasn’t entirely unexpected so we were pretty thrilled. Nine months later, our daughter arrived. Her due date was November 18 but she decided to show up to the party a day early.

We spent months getting as prepared as rookie parents can prepare with doing the nursery, organizing little tiny person clothes, and saving up for when Amy is off on maternity leave.

The stay at the hospital was a short one; we arrived at about 5:45, she was born at 6:46, and we were home by 10:30. The first couple nights were pretty stressful as we wanted to make sure we were doing everything right to make sure Lucy was okay. We did shift work for a bit so at least one of us was awake with her at all times. We spent one of her first mornings at 2:00am watching Elf.

We’ve since mellowed out a bit, partly from the need to sleep and partly from our midwives assuring us that babies can sleep without us watching them constantly.

Nikki, Janis, and Lindsay—our midwives from Blue Heron in Waterloo—were incredible. From the pre-natal classes to the check ups to the delivery; they were all such a huge part of her entrance into the world.

Ten days in and things are going great, even if she has started a hilarious new game of “when daddy starts to put a clean diaper on me I’ll pee on him”.

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