In Berlin: UPDATE!

Well, my printing for my upcoming show in October has basically hit a brick wall. Not mentioning names, but the lab I used did a very good job at doing a poor job of printing black and white images. They’ve done good work for me before, but they just completely dropped the ball on this one and they didn’t seem too concerned on fixing it. I’m going elsewhere to get things done now, and more than likely will not use them in the future.

This isn’t as big a pain as you’d think because I’m actually seeing it as one of those happy accidents. After seeing some of the photos printed and seeing how badly some of them came back, I thought maybe doing them in colour might be a better option. I thought about it and thought about it some more and I asked some friends what they thought and they agreed that the colour versions would work better. Most of the images will now be colour, although a few (including the one below) will remain black and white for the simple reason that they just work better that way.

So. No more metallic paper. Same images, same sizes, but with a splash of colour.

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