4x5 Portraits: Bigger and Better

My friend Robert is an absurdly talented photographer. He almost exclusively shoots film and I’m repeatedly fascinated by his work (some tasteful NSFW here). Oddly, I met him through my graphic design work and not through anything photography-related.

Last year he started offering portraits done on his 4x5 camera. It’s a Calumet CC-400 4x5 with a Rodenstock 210mm lens. I normally dislike having my photo taken, but I was actually looking forward to having these done. I love the photos he took and if you look at my profile shot on my contact page, you’ll see one of them. He showed me through the whole process and even developed the photos in his kitchen. Seeing the amount of work involved with taking photos with this type of camera is quite awe-inspiring.

My wife Amy wanted him to do a few of her so he obliged and about a month ago came over to our place and spent an hour with us doing what he does best.

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