Doors Open Waterloo Region 2016

September 17 is the day for Doors Open Waterloo Region, one of my favourite yearly events. I only had the chance to do a pre-visit to one site this year which was the Quantum-Nano Centre located at the University of Waterloo

One other super crazy thing I’m excited about is tours at the Perimeter Institute. Yes! I’ve long been a fan of this building so finally being able to see the insides has me pretty pumped. They had a limited number of tickets available, and if you don’t have one yet then you’re out of luck as they’re completely booked. The images included are ones I’ve taken over the years, with a few as recently as last Wednesday.

Last year I hit 8 locations. I’m not sure if I’ll meet or break that number this year, but I’ll definitely post some photos of what I do see.

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