My name is Joe Martz and I am a Canadian photographer and graphic designer based in Kitchener, Ontario.

With a background in both photography and design I am able to contribute a multi-faceted approach to creative projects.



The main focus of my photographic work is architecture; I have shot extensively for engineers, architects, and commercial real estate developers, often involving new and modern builds that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Strong lines, patterns and symmetry are common traits in much of my work and I often use abstract perspectives to present a different view. My work occasionally delves into urban areas and landscapes as well. I have been involved in numerous art shows and exhibitions both as a solo artist and in a collective group.


Along with my photographic skills, I was trained as a graphic designer. I have worked in design studios, in-house operations, and print shops. From the initial search for ideas, to the concepts and sketches, to the design process itself, and finally to the finished piece I can create and maintain a solid brand. I keep an eye on typographic details, image cropping, and balancing the important content with the also-important negative space. I like solid colours, grid patterns, and keeping designs strong, simple, and straight-forward.


  • BBC
  • CBC
  • Communication Arts
  • Grand Magazine
  • OWN IT Magazine
  • Vintage Road Car
  • The Waterloo Region Record


  • The Accelerator Centre
  • Aeryon Labs
  • CBC
  • The City of Kitchener
  • The City of Waterloo
  • Enermodal Engineering
  • Hagon Design
  • KWAG
  • The New Quarterly
  • Perimeter Development
  • Royal Canin
  • Sun Life Financial
  • The Waterloo Region Arts Awards
  • University of Guelph
  • WalterFedy
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