My name is Joe Martz and I am a Canadian photographer and graphic designer based in Kitchener, Ontario.

The main focus of my photographic work is architecture; I have shot extensively for engineers, architects, and commercial real estate developers, often involving new and modern builds that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Strong lines, patterns and symmetry are common traits in much of my work and I often use abstract perspectives to present a different view. My work occasionally delves into urban areas and landscapes as well. I have been involved in numerous art shows and exhibitions both as a solo artist and in a collective group. 

Along with my photographic skills, I was trained as a graphic designer. I have worked in design studios, in-house operations, and print shops. From the initial search for ideas, to the concepts and sketches, to the design process itself, and finally to the finished piece I can create and maintain a solid brand. I keep an eye on typographic details, image cropping, and balancing the important content with the also-important negative space. I like solid colours, grid patterns, and keeping designs strong, simple, and straight-forward.

With a background in both photography and design I am able to contribute a multi-faceted approach to creative projects.


Some of my clients include Perimeter Development, Royal Canin, Hagon Design, Sun Life Financial, Enermodal Engineering, CBC, Aeryon Labs, Apple Cart Design, the Waterloo Region Arts Awards, The Accelerator Centre, the City of Kitchener, the City of Waterloo, the University of Guelph, and the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery. 

My work has been featured in Communication Arts, Grand Magazine, The Waterloo Region Record, Vintage Road Car, OWN IT Magazine, CBC, and the BBC. I am also a contributing stock photographer with Offset Images.

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