Another new show is being held in the region by a new collective of professional artists called Collective Identity. The show, being held at THEMUSEUM, is called Fast Forward Waterloo Region. It runs from September 17 – October 4. We didn’t really have a concrete theme to stick to when submitting pieces, although it it somewhat based on the future and the future of us as a creative community.

A while back I started toying around with some of my existing images and sort of turning them into digital kaleidoscopes. It started out as something I didn’t really do with a whole lot of serious attention, but still thought some of the results were intriguing. The main image I used was of the Quantum Nano Centre at the University of Waterloo. UW always seems to be on the cutting edge of technology (whatever goes on within those walls is far beyond anything I could ever comprehend, I’m sure) so using one of their buildings seemed like a good start for my submission.

The pattern of squares draws you in to a seemingly endless pattern of light and dark. At times it feels like it plays tricks on your mind because you really don’t know what you’re looking at.

My friends Terre Chartrand, Jennifer Gough, Amy Roger, and a host of others have worked their tails off to get this show off the ground. I’m hoping to at least stop in for a brief period on September 16—I have prior engagements that night that I can’t miss—which is the night of the opening. It starts at 6:00!

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