Doors Open Waterloo Region 2017

It’s not Christmas, but it’s close. This Saturday is Waterloo Region’s turn for Doors Open, the province-wide event that runs from April to October that showcases some of the participating city’s heritage buildings that are typically never open to the public. It’s an event that I never miss, even with the rain we’ve had over the last two years.

This year I was able to make a few pre-visit stops; the first was Lazaridis Hall on the Laurier campus in Waterloo and the others being the two mausoleums at Kitchener’s Woodland Cemetery.

The first four images in the gallery are from Lazaridis Hall while the next eight are from the mausoleums. I’ve also included some exterior shots of some other sites that will be open and totally worth the visit: The Science Teaching Complex and the Dana Porter Library at the University of Waterloo, the Perimeter Institute (you needed to book tour tickets for this one so you might be out of luck), CIGI, the Communitech Hub in downtown Kitchener, the Button Factory in Uptown Waterloo, the spectacular Google building, the School of Pharmacy (right down the now-open road from Google), SRM Architects, and 44 Gaukel, the final two also being in downtown Kitchener.

The entire list can be found on this ultra handy Google Map, so there’s no shortage of sites to visit. Last year I made it to about 15 places so I’m hoping to match that this year if I can.

Once again I’ll be helping run the Doors Open Waterloo Region Instagram feed during the day with Brian Douglas and Nick Stanley so if you’re one of the cool kids with a fancy phone be sure to follow along!

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